360Travaux.com: find trusted builders for your home renovation project.

It's like HomeAdvisor. Except it's launched by a builders union.

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  • Marketplace type: Renovation and construction services
  • Website: www.360travaux.com
  • Tech stack: Cocorico Enterprise Edition, Symfony4, S-Money, AWS, Docker…
  • Industry: Construction

Find the perfect builder for you renovation and construction project.

360Travaux.com is a construction and renovations services marketplace that connects customers with the perfect local builder. It was launched by France’s largest builders union, the CAPEB, as a means of taking back the initiative from marketplaces that were strongly disrupting the construction industry.

With over 4500 construction companies onboarded on the day of launch, 360Travaux.com has become a leading player among construction services marketplaces.

360Travaux.com uses the Cocorico Enterprise Edition marketplace solution and employs the following features:

  • Quotation request, negotiation, and approval workflows to build bespoke offers
  • Decision tree management to facilitate the description of required services
  • Rich communications tools (messaging, document management, transactional SMS)
  • Specialized payment gateway implementation
  • Integration of a CMS platform (Drupal) into the marketplace solution (Cocorico)
  • Online and offline payment mechanisms
  • Streamlined negotiation and builders selection processes

Our services also covered the following fields:

  • Payment gateway consultancy services for online & offline payments
  • Training & consultancy services for the in-house development team

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