DogVacances: find a friendly pet-sitter in your neighbourhood

It's like Except it's for all types of pets.

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  • Marketplace type: Pet-sitters marketplace
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  • Tech stack: Symfony1, SogeCommerce, Google Maps API…
  • Industry: Pet economy

Helping you find pet sitters, for all types of animals

DogVacances is a marketplace network that links together pet owners and pet sitters across all types of animal groups, including reptiles and larger animals such as horses. Based on the “switch marketplace” model, pet owners can offer their services to other people in their neighborhood, and rely on that network to have their pets taken care of when needed. Reputations are built through the reviewing service, and users can easily converse through the inbuilt messaging system.

DogVacances uses the Cocorico marketplace solution and employs the following features:

  • Pet profile management
  • Facilitated vendor onboarding and service offering definition
  • Calendar management, and price variations depending on dates
  • Intelligent ranking of vendors in search results
  • Reviewing, ranking and reputation management
  • Administration tools to streamline curation and moderation of profiles, bookings and messages

Our services also covered the following fields:

  • Implementation of country specific payments solutions
  • UX & UI design
  • Onboarding and booking workflows consultancy services

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