Create a trusting environment for individuals

Maximize your revenues by launching a marketplace

  • Adapted to every sector

    Every sector is subject to digitization: vehicle renting or even accommodation.

  • Sécurisé

    A secure plateform

  • Compare switch marketplace

    Switch platform

    Offerors can also be askers on the platform, which divides the vendor's cost of acquisition by 2.

An expertise in C2C marketplaces

  • An intuitive user experience

    • UX
    • UI
  • MVP in 3 months

    • Agile Methodology
    • Project Management
  • Client success

    • Client training
    • Formation



Easily find equestrian transport at a reasonable price 


Cocolabs solution: 

Horsicar is a rental marketplace that allows individuals to rent equestrian equipment in order to facilitate horse transportation, and thus, at reduced price compared to the usual offer. Several problems are simultaneously resolved: the lack of horse transportation available to rent, the outrageous price to buy these vehicles but also the important maintenance cost. 

Horsicar supports mutual aid and sharing within a community of users reunited for a common passion: horse. 

  • 100% of offerors and askers ensured
  • Secured payment portal
  • MVP in 3 months
  • Adapted business models
Thales Digital Marketplace


The Second technology, a trusting solution 

  • 1,700 features dedicated to services selling
  • More than 2,000 deployments
  • A robust solution adaptable to every sector

Features dedicated to C2C platforms

  • Geolocation

    The services’ geolocation will allow your platform to exert everywhere

  • Payment

    Secured payment portals, trust between parties is ensured

  • Evaluations

    An evaluation service is available in order to offer the best services to your platform’s demanders

  • Search engine

    The search engine helps to propose services that fit perfectly with the demander’s criteria

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