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Why should consumers trust ecommerce platforms?

29 June 2020

When making purchases online it is difficult to know what you are really consuming, so ecommerce platforms are attempting to resolve this by setting up systems in order to build trust.


A globalized and computerized society where trust is lost… 

In a world of globalization and computerization, we are witnessing an explosion of consumption. More and more market players are emerging, providing us with a wider range of products and services. When you order a product online, it can come from just about anywhere in the world. We generally have no idea what we are consuming, there is less guarantee that the product ordered will be what actually arrives, and therefore trust is lost.

In the field of service marketplaces trust can also be lost. The user chooses a service via computer, but what is their website really hiding? 

More frequently, ecommerce platforms are advocating local consumption. One example of this is Misterbnb, which is used to find gayfriendly accommodations when you are traveling. Another example is Winebnb, which is a platform for oenological experiences and also promotes wine consumption with neighbors.



online sales



Systems used to regain user confidence



The analysis of the service marketplaces reveals many traces of usage. The customer’s opinion counts in order to support the credibility of the proposed service. The consumer leaves a review that can serve as a reference for other consumers who would want to enjoy the same service after them. 


Let’s take the example of the Misterbnb platform, a B2B ecommerce platform where consumers can leave opinions and comments about their experience. As a reward for their comments, each consumer can become qualified as a superhost and as a so-called “verified” profile. The notion of trust is ensured at three levels: communication, transaction and payment. These three things are what makes the service marketplaces trusted third parties. 


Quality is also ensured by the platform which can act as a mediator. Here, we can take the example of the Misterbnb ecommerce platform, which settles conflicts that may exist between consumers and providers with an after-sales service that supports customer satisfaction and quality of service that may be in question. 


Since the connection between the supplier and the applicant is made over the internet, trust is called into question. The ecommerce platforms are nevertheless attempting to restore it by pursuing a guarantee of quality. Indeed, they often bring together the opinions of customers and offer the model of a collaborative economy.


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