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Why are rental marketplaces so successful?

02 July 2021

What is a rental marketplace?


Rental marketplaces bring together suppliers and buyers to rent a property.  If these marketplaces were first successful in C2C, with Airbnb for example, the opportunities in B2B marketplaces are growing.

From the agricultural sector to the hotel industry, through the legal sector, no industry escapes digitalization.



1 buyer = 1 seller: the success of rental switch marketplaces


One of the biggest difficulties in a service marketplace is user acquisition. Unlike platforms that sell products, it is impossible to import a list of sellers. By giving each user the possibility to post rental ads or to reserve a property, the cost of user acquisition is reduced by two.

However, for a platform to be Switch, the user typology must be the same, i.e. B2B or C2C.



Overview of rental marketplaces


Rental marketplaces are also quite diverse and many parameters differ from one another. Long term? Switch? C2C? Horizontal marketplaces? Social network? This diversity is noticeable when you look at the giants: Airbnb, Facebook Marketplace, SeLoger,…


When you see these rental giants, it can be difficult to find a way to fit in. It seems difficult to confront a giant with a generalist platform; it is therefore necessary to verticalize. For example, Misterbnb, a rental accommodation platform for the LGBTQ+ community has been a resounding success despite the fact that it arrived well after Airbnb.





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