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Videos, a new tool for online marketplace platforms

27 July 2020

Videos help solve economic and spatial problems.

Video, the answer to many problems

Originally used on social networks such as Skype or MSN, videos allow individuals to connect with each other. However, it has become increasingly used in the workplace due to its practicality. The development of technical advances allows for a fluid and live video communication, as well as the possibility of interacting simultaneously on several channels. Now we will discuss work ergonomics and organization. The online marketplace platforms have appropriated this tool, offering advanced digital and video functionalities. In the service sector, the profession is what provides the link, i.e. the relationship between the proposal of a service and the consumer of this service. Videos respond to many issues concerning space and time. 




Video as a service proposal, is advantageous for the consumer 

Videos, the link between people

Videos have become the link between individuals who want to convey information, whether private, professional or, in the case of service marketplaces, commercial. Many online marketplace platforms have integrated this tool and have used it to their advantage. This allows consumers to have access to services they would not have been able to access physically, like with the Koach marketplace. This means that videos allow service marketplaces to reach another target. 

Videos, saving space and making communication easier

Two of the fundamental advantages of using videos should be analyzed: chatting and space saving. Chat and messaging embedded in service marketplaces are considerable advantages for both communication and b2b on an online platform. One advantage is that they are tools that allow users to make remarks and comments live and not be passive viewers, but actors of the proposed service. An additional advantage is that it allows service providers to have a link with the customer which results in a more efficient and personalized exchange. In an in person class, if you want to talk to the teacher you have to wait until the end of the class, and wait for the teacher to talk to any other students who have questions.

Videos, solving economic and spatial problems

Videos also help to solve economic and spatial problems. Online marketplace platforms do not need physical space which means that you do not have to pay rent like you would for a physical store. We can use yoga as an example. Instructors can offer a service via video and communicate with customers through chat, which means they can save space. Offering classes by video provides the possibility of giving a private class to more people than would be possible in a physical room. 






The commodification of the service by video, as a phenomenon that tends to develop

The situation experienced during the Covid-19 outbreak which resulted in working from home highlighted the importance of videos for the commodification of services. The problem of movement and location in relation to the service is being addressed. As a result we have seen the video tool gain in importance in all fields, especially in medicine, sports and cooking. 


We have seen that video is an advantageous tool for online marketplace platforms, as it helps to solve economic and spatial problems. 




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