Services marketplaces, a growing model within the e-commerce environment

3 hours ago
05 July 2021

What is a service marketplace?



Services marketplaces allow to connect buyers and sellers for the sale of online services. This can be the booking of a heating engineer for example, as on the 360Travaux platform, the rental of a property, as for example WeFarmUp, or the connection of a network.

Since the creation of the first marketplaces in the early 2000s, e-commerce has transformed the way we buy. If it started with products, now it’s the turn of services: more than 70% of the marketplaces in the Andreessen Horowitz top 100 are service marketplaces.



The key features of a services marketplace



Some features are essential to the proper functioning of a services marketplace, more specifically to maximize the sale of services:


  • Geolocation, An important criterion for choosing the service one wants. It allows the applicant to find the most suitable service near him.


  • Calendar management, which allows the seller to set the price he wants according to a specific time. He can thus change it according to the hour, the day or the month.


  • The search engine, to find the most suitable service through keywords


  • Adapted payment solutions, thanks to secure payment portals. This allows the different parties to make transactions with confidence, regardless of the amount.




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