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Marketplaces trends: the news to remember in May

27 May 2021

Every month, we offer you a selection of articles to bring you our expertise on e-commerce trends, especially on marketplaces.



The security point on marketplaces


  • Payment regulations on a marketplace


The marketplace ecosystem is highly regulated and all means are good to strengthen the security of payments on online platforms. In January 2018, we discovered the PSD2, a European directive that consists in harmonizing payment regulations within the European Union.

In this directive, we find the 3D-Secure-V2, a strong authentication method that strengthens the payment control system. It is a combination of at least two verification methods: a password, a smartphone confirmation and a fingerprint or facial recognition.


The Cocolabs touch: we operate with 3 payment service providers, Lemonway, Mangopay and Stripe, who know the regulations of each country where they operate.


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  • Scams are increasing on marketplaces


The growth of marketplaces means that today, users are confronted with a large quantity of services or products offered. With this effervescence, it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish between a trustworthy ad and a scam. Here are two tips to guide you:


  • Compare the services offered
  • Be careful with payments


The Cocolabs touch: a marketplace can be more or less managed and offer a variable degree of control. Several solutions can be put in place to limit the number of scams: identity verification, manual validation of new users and ads, certification…


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Trends and operations


  • Why launch a B2B marketplace?


Originally, the marketplaces market is largely dominated by the B2C sector, which represents 62% of online retail sales. However, it is a market in full transition and the B2B sector is slowly starting to take its place. The marketplace model is interesting: it allows to find alternatives and profitable solutions to get new customers, while bringing a new experience, this time online, to its current customers. Moreover, the B2B marketplaces market does not have a giant, so it leaves room for everyone to make a name for themselves.


The Cocolabs touch: According to a Gartner study, by 2023, at least 70% of marketplaces launched by companies will be dedicated to B2B transactions.


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  • The explosion of unicorn marketplaces


Since 2020, the value of unicorn marketplaces has increased by 70%, exceeding the value of the tech sector as a whole. The health crisis has created a beneficial context for these platforms, online shopping has exploded: the fashion world has grown by 142% and food delivery by 132%. Online platforms have become essential, which has only multiplied their value: since January 2019, their value has doubled from 2.2 to 5 trillion dollars.


The Cocolabs touch: Among these successful unicorn marketplaces are many service marketplaces such as Uber, Blablacar or Kayak.


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  • Inclusive design on marketplaces


Inclusive design has become an essential element in the creation of a marketplace, under penalty of a fine. Indeed, 25% of disabled people and seniors have problems using the Internet because an interface is not intuitive enough for them. It is therefore important to think about a platform that will be adapted to all audiences and this includes the choice of colors, typography, and the size of the elements on the site.


The Cocolabs touch: You can call on a UX service to guide you in your project, in order to benefit from expert advice and produce a platform accessible to all.


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