Local marketplaces, a second chance for small traders

2 days ago
05 July 2021

What is a local marketplace?


A unique digital space where your fellow citizens can find the products and services of your local traders. It’s an opportunity to boost your local economy while making life easier for your fellow citizens. Local marketplaces are a real advantage for smaller traders, who find themselves forgotten because of technological advances.



How does a local marketplace work?


  • Order online, directly from your usual retailers


  • Reserve a table, a room or even a restaurant


  • Make an appointment online, with the hairdresser, the doctor or the tailor



Why launch a local marketplace?



With the coronavirus pandemic, small traders have been very affected by the numerous closures that the confinements have caused. Thanks to the local marketplaces, it’s a second wind for them: they benefit from a greater visibility and can thus maximize their sales or their reservations.

Thanks to geolocation, calendar management and search engine features, requesters can easily access the services they need while saving the local business.




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