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Global B2B service marketplaces

13 August 2021

As an expert in the sale of online services, we have presented you with a list of B2B marketplaces. In this article, we’ll have a special focus on the global B2B marketplaces, still in the service world.


  1. Sennder

Sennder is a global B2B marketplace in the field of digital transport logistics. Specialized in road freight, they offer access to a connected fleet of trucks and thus ensure optimization and transparency in the supply and distribution of goods of tomorrow. After acquiring Everroad and Uber Freight Europe, they have also raised $160m in 2021: a great year for the group.

Video of the marketplace


See Sennder



  1. Uber Freight


Uber Freight offers a fully digitalized delivery service, with real-time tracking of each item and 24/7 access to delivery services. They also allow to manage all the latest, current and upcoming deliveries in real time on a single marketplace. Uber Freight complements the Uber Group’s offering by providing its services to companies becoming the Amazon of transportation. The marketplace was launched in December 2016.


Go the global marketplace Uber Freight


  1. Upwork

Upwork is a B2B freelance marketplace that allows companies to find the talent they need, and freelancers to find their dream job. The platform operates in a wide range of fields such as design, development, marketing, writing and finance. It is also a NASDAQ-listed freelance marketplace valued at $6.3 billion. The marketplace was launched in 2015.



upwork plateforme freelance



The impact of Covid on the gig economy

Upwork conducted a study on the impact of the COVID (September 2020) on the freelance market in the United States. The study includes 6001 working adults over the age of 18.

The figures:

  • 59 million Americans performed freelance work over the past 12 months, representing 36% of the U.S. workforce
  • 2 million increase in the number of freelancers between 2019 and 2020
  • 75% of those who left their traditional jobs say they earn as much or more by being independent
  • 58% of non-independents new to remote work due to the pandemic are considering becoming independent professionals

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  1. Toptal

Toptal is an exclusive network of the best freelancers in the field of developers, designers and financial experts around the world. The marketplace works both ways, so freelancers can access it to find an assignment and companies can find the resources they need. Toptal stands out with a turnover of over 100 million euros.


Staggering figures

  • 95% of the trials are transformed into contracts
  • Only 3% of candidates are on-boarded on the platform

See Toptal platform



  1. Envato


Envato is a marketplace for the purchase of digital content and products such as templates, photos, videos, audios or even freelance recruitment. Envato is a network of products, including Envatoelements, Envatomarket, Envatotuts and more. It has more than 2 million users per year and profits of 1 billion euros.



Discover the platform


Key figures

  • Launched in 2006
  • Every minute, 11 elements are sold on Envato market, 160 assets licensed on Envato Elements, 16 mock ups on Placeit
  • Present in 200 countries
  • Over 10 million members

Visit Envato



  1. Fictiv


Fictiv is a platform positioning itself as a digital manufacturing ecosystem. They offer an on-demand 3D printing service via 3 channels: a network of manufacturing partners, a personal supply chain and all on a digital platform. The goal of linking these three elements is simple: launch a product faster. Fictiv has also raised $92 million to boost its development.




  1. 99designs


99design is a marketplace for design services like logos, websites and even book covers. The platform was acquired by print giant Vistaprint in 2020. They raised $92 million.



Impressive numbers

  • Every 1.5 seconds a design is uploaded to the platform
  • Designers have generated over $200 billion

See the global marketplace



  1. Ezcater


Ezcater is a catering marketplace for businesses that offers the services of over 80,000 caterers around the world. Thanks to their platform, each company can manage its orders easily and at any time with a 24/7 service. They have raised 320 million euros.

The platform’s numbers:

  • +81,000 restaurants
  • 22,743 cities covered
  • 170,000,000 customers served

See the marketplace



  1. Globality


Globality is a sourcing marketplace for business services. Through the platform, companies have access to the best service providers at the right price. It stands out by the fact that it has decided to eliminate the Request For Proposal (RFP) in order to automate the contracting of services. They have raised $310 million.

See Globality


Cocolabs’ top marketplaces for international professionals, probably the only one that does not mention Amazon.




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