Freelance platforms, the gateway for freelancers

02 July 2021

What is a Freelance Platform?


A freelance platform is a marketplace connecting freelancers and companies to deliver services. This type of platform is adaptable to all types of domains such as accounting, marketing or web development: these freelance services are usually delivered via B2B marketplaces.


This model allows freelancers to easily find temporary or long-term assignments with companies that interest them. Conversely, companies can easily find the labor they need at a specific time.


This model is also called the “gig economy”, which means the economy of small jobs or on-demand economy, and is mainly made up of independent workers looking for freelance assignments.




The place of freelance platforms in the marketplace environment


The place of freelancers in the job market is constantly changing. Indeed, according to predictions by Peerism, 80% of the entire workforce by 2030 will be made up of freelancers. And 80% of large companies plan to expand the number of freelancers on their teams.

Freelance platforms are a huge advantage for companies: they allow them to find talent anywhere, anytime. Finally, it also helps reduce expenses because freelancers are usually with a company for a short period of time to complete a specific assignment, unlike a full-time employee.


With the COVID-19 crisis, many people lost their jobs, and going freelance was for some a second chance on the job market during this difficult period. Marketplaces are also adaptable to any field such as management, with the marketplace Connecting Freelance, which brings together companies and freelance SAP engineers. With this platform, a company can publish its SAP sourcing needs, and consultants or engineers can easily access it if the offer matches them.



Which platforms to find freelance assignments?


  • Malt, which has 250,000 freelancers and 30,000 companies. Founded in 2013, it allows freelancers to find any type of assignment.


  • Fiverr, founded in 2010, which offers services for all budgets with 24-hour support




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