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Collaborative economy platforms, the responsible solution for selling services

01 July 2021

What is a collaborative economy?


A collaborative economy platform is none other than the privilege of use over ownership of a good or a service. This translates for example into the sharing of tools or even a car via a rental marketplace.

This model allows a re-circulation of durable goods, and extends the life of a good or service by making it available to all on a digital platform.

Also known as the sharing economy, this type of market place model was multiplied tenfold during the pandemic, where each actor was able to make himself useful by sharing his goods when it was impossible to acquire them.



The expansion of collaborative economies in the marketplace environment


Since the emergence of new technologies, exchanges are even easier: we can now acquire or rent a good at any time or place and from any device. It is for this very reason that this model is completely in line with the marketplaces, which make these exchanges possible without friction.

Airbnb, Blablacar… these are groups known to all and that present themselves as the pioneers of collaborative economies. This model is particularly well suited to C2C platforms, which bring consumers together to sell or rent goods.

Some have even taken the gamble of a specific vertical: this is the case of MisterB&B, a collaborative economy platform dedicated to housing rentals for the LGBTQ+ community.



The features that make these platforms successful


  • Geolocation, which allows the applicant to find a service close to his home.


  • Calendar management, to synchronize calendars and avoid overlapping. It also allows setting the price of a service at a given time.


  • The search engine, which, thanks to the use of keywords, allows the user to find the service that best suits his needs.


  • Adapted payment solutions, to make all types of payments between the parties. Secure payment portals allow you to make transactions in full confidence, regardless of the amount.




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