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C2C marketplaces, a booming model

01 July 2021

What is a C2C marketplace?



C2C marketplaces connect individuals between each other. For example, Misterb&b for housing dedicated to the LGBTQ community, Horsicar for renting horse-drawn vehicles: it is possible to create a marketplace for any industry.


1 supplier = 1 buyer?


The fact that a platform can be switched is the essence of C2C marketplaces: each person can be a seller, but also a buyer. This typology facilitates the on-boarding of users and reduces acquisition costs by two.



C2C marketplaces in the marketplace environment



C2C marketplaces are a model that is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. Indeed, the sale of services between individuals has a considerable advantage: constant reuse of products or services. This is specifically the case with circular economy marketplaces, where the main element is second hand.


This therefore translates for example into the rental of tools or even cars between individuals: and if the customer is satisfied he can then buy the new version! The goal is therefore to accompany the customer throughout the life of his product.


The circular economy model was multiplied tenfold during the COVID-19 pandemic, when players tried everything to multiply their sales.



Key features of C2C marketplaces



  • Sellers verification: on a platform between individuals, it can be more difficult to have confidence when booking a service. This is why the marketplace operator checks the profiles of sellers to make sure they are not setting up scams on the platform.


  • Geolocation, which allows individuals to benefit from the services closest to their home.


  • Reviews, left by customers who have used a service, allow everyone to get an opinion on the service offered, in order to choose the one that best suits them.


  • The chat, where it is possible to communicate for the providers and the applicants in order to have all the necessary details before booking the services.




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