B2C marketplaces and their impact on the e-commerce sector

20 hours ago
01 July 2021

What is a B2C marketplace?



A B2C marketplace is a platform that connects businesses and consumers. It is the most common type of marketplace: according to Statista, they represent 3.53 billion dollars in 2019.



B2C marketplaces, the driving force behind the marketplace environment


Amazon or Uber: B2C platforms are an integral part of our daily lives and play an important role in the marketplace environment. Indeed, it is the marketplace model that opened the creation of this type of platform. From now on, it is a driving force for the expansion of B2B and C2C marketplaces, which are being created all the more because of this success.


The B2C platforms have allowed the creation of a new section in the creation of marketplaces: the digitalization of local businesses. Indeed, these platforms allow actors with less visibility to expand their activity and offer their services to their customers in any circumstances. This is the case of DCRA, the proximity marketplace of the city of Washington dedicated to offering on-demand services to the public sector.


Types of B2C marketplaces


There are two main types of B2C marketplaces:


  • Horizontal marketplaces, which are generalist and can therefore meet any need. They allow customers to find the service or product they need easily.


  • Vertical marketplaces operate in a specific sector. They position themselves as experts in a field and provide elements adapted to the sector in which they operate.




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