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Back-end development

We develop the features of your future marketplace using stable frameworks and respecting their best practices.

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Our technological expertise

Our developers are experts in the following technologies and architectures:

REST is an architecture composed of a group of good practices to launch websites and marketplaces. Although it is not necessarily linked to HTTP, most REST implementations use that application protocol.

Our developers are experts in PHP language, especially in Symfony framework, with which we create most of our marketplaces. To guarantee maximum maintainability and security, we mainly use the Long-Term Support (LTS) versions, which are supported the longest by the Framework editor.

We respect the standards of Progressive Web App for our marketplaces, which helps you correctly manage your APIs. Your APIs are more easily integrated and a key application is available.

Our developers regularly communicate with other technologies, such as the Google APIs, payment providers, solutions like Twilio or OVH SMS,... The solutions used by our experts are capable of interacting with other teams and other APIs.

We use the development workflows of Gitflow, which makes it possible to limit the number of errors and regressions in the marketplace.

Diverse profiles

Our developers come from various backgrounds: large groups, digital services companies, start-ups and freelancers. They possess unique technological expertise to cover all the needs of a marketplace.

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Become a major player in the platform ecosystem by launching your service marketplace.

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