What is a B2C marketplace?

B2C marketplaces connect companies and individuals around the sale of products and services. It is the most widespread type of marketplace: according to Statista, they represent 3.53 billion dollars in 2019.

Other types of online marketplaces exist:

B2B marketplaces connect companies. According to a Statista study, the digitalization of businesses should represent half of the global GDP by 2023.

C2C marketplaces connect individuals. They are an integral part of our daily lives, and have been popularized by Airbnb.

B2C marketplaces, driving element in the ecommerce landscape

Amazon or Uber: B2C platforms are part of our everyday lives and occupy a major spot in the marketplace landscape. Indeed, it is this marketplace model that opened the way to the creation of these platforms. Hence, it is a driving force for the expansion of B2B’s and C2C’s marketplaces, appearing more and more facing this success.

Marketplace platforms also allowed the creation of new trends such as the digitalization of small traders. Indeed, it helps actors with minor visibility to extend their activity and offer services to their clients in every circumstance. This is the case for DCRA, a marketplace for Washington, dedicated to the offering of services at the behest of public services.

Cocolabs accompany you during all stages of your marketplace project following the Agile methodology

Conception: Offering a high-quality user experience

Thanks to UX Cocolabs’ team expertise, you will receive close support to help you define your wireframes, in order to obtain an optimized user experience.

Design: Combining value proposition and optimized interface

The UI team will first study the wireframes defined by the Conception team. Then, it will allow them to transform these into an interface in accordance with your vision, and corresponding to the clients targeted.

Development: A B2C marketplace ready in 90 days

At Cocolabs, improvement is constantly increasing. Thanks to our expertise, we are capable of making marketplaces go live in short delays. Our development team is in constant monitoring for future trends and regulation changes, to offer the most competitive platform.

Hosting: Entrust us the hosting of your e-commerce platform and preoccupy yourself to its success

Thanks to our hosting service, we ensure a constant management of your marketplace in order to keep a high performance. Security policy, updates and backups, you can be focused on the success of your marketplace while we take over the technical part.

Continuous improvement: An ever more performant platform

Third-party Application Management is a continuous improvement process of your platform. Thanks to a clients' comments and demands gathering, we can establish improvements and developments necessary to the success of your B2C marketplace.

Training: Make your team operational

Our training programs help increase the knowledge about the essential elements needed to understand the B2C marketplace functioning. Thanks to those, your teams will be able to use the platform’s tools more efficiently.

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A marketplace solution with over 1,700 features to manage your platform


Our solution has 3 types of dashboards for each type of user. Thus, an operator will have access to the platform's KPI's quickly, the salesperson will have an overview of his upcoming services while the customer will see his reservations.

Geolocation tools

Cocorico provides geolocation tools that allow vendors to manage the location, coverage, cost and travel time to deliver the service, while hiding the exact location of each vendor.

Calendar management

The seller can determine when a service is available and whether the price will vary over time. Our solution also allows sellers to synchronize calendars.

Business models

Most service marketplaces do not manage reservations via baskets but through reservation engines. Cocolabs provides a highly optimized engine that increases conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Payment solutions

Cocolabs offers many business models: commissions on transactions, subscription fees for vendors and customers, and billing, particularly adapted to B2C marketplaces. These business models can be combined.