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City of Paris


Small businesses and entrepreneurs have issues finding premises in Paris because of high prices. 


Cocolabs solution: 

Thanks to this marketplace, you can find available premises for rent from the City of Paris and its partners. In order to maintain access to local businesses, such as bakeries, butchers, cafés, or to allow entrepreneurs to have a place to work, this platform offers premises at competitive prices.

  • 15,300 subscribed users
  • 166 published ads
  • Management of the visits
  • Search engine multi criteria
Marketplace Ville de Paris


  • 1,700 features dedicated to services selling
  • A solution proven more than 2,000 times
  • Solution adapted to the B2C sectors and its stakes

Features dedicated to B2C marketplaces

  • Payment

    Secured payment portals capable of taking over the most complex payments

  • Business Model

    The Second solution offers different business models for your platform: subscription, fees and others

  • Dashboard

    3 types of dashboards for each party of the marketplace that gives a precise data analysis

  • Booking engine

    A highly optimized engine that increases the conversion rate and clients satisfaction

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