What is a B2B marketplace ?

A B2B marketplace is an excellent tool to use for selling services between businesses. It can be applied to a wide variety of sectors from renting spaces, freelance recruitment, tool rental, and many others.

Cocolabs has developed over 35 B2B marketplaces in many different industries including construction, culture, transport, and online courses, with the list continuing to grow every day.

Having experienced exponential growth since 2017, Gartner predicts that by 2022 75% of B2B purchases will go through marketplaces. Join the digital revolution today, and launch your marketplace!

A B2B marketplace solution with over 1700 features to help you manage your platform


The dashboard centralizes many of the interactions that suppliers and customers have with your marketplace. The interface provided by our dashboard is focused on simplicity however it adapts as suppliers and customers become more advanced users.

Geolocation tools

The geolocation features provided by Cocorico enables vendors to manage service locations, starting points, area coverage, mobile costs, travel time, and at the same time obfuscate the location accuracy of each vendor to reduce platform leakage.

Calendar management

While buying products is reliant on how much of the product is in stock, buying services relies on the availability of the service provider. As a result, calendar management is essential for a service marketplace. It enables vendors to set when the service can be performed, and if the price will vary over time. Our marketplaces also enable vendors to synchronize their calendars across multiple software providers.

Business models

Marketplaces are very diverse, and as a result, there are many different business models for them. Our B2B marketplaces provide various business model solutions, so we should have the right model for your business, whatever it may be.

Payment solutions

Cocolabs is certified by international and regional payment service providers. This allows your marketplace to operate in multiple currencies within a globally enforced regulatory framework.

Over 80 marketplaces over a wide range of sectors have been made

DXRX: the platform setting a new paradigm for Precision Medicine

DXRX enables a vibrant marketplace where all stakeholders in Precision Medicine come to find trusted partners for collaborating on Precision Medicine diagnostics in a secure, standardized way. A DXRX collaboration is an opportunity for multiple stakeholders, including pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, and diagnostic testing providers to work together to solve real-world testing challenges while also ensuring every patient gets the treatment they deserve. Users can work on any aspect of diagnostic development and commercialization, by joining sponsored collaborations or creating their own on the marketplace. This is setting a new industry standard for the launch of precision medicine therapies.

WeChair: the B2B ecommerce platform helping hairdressers find hair salons

WeChair allows hairdressers without a fixed workplace to book a seat in hairdressing salons which allows them to work in a professional setting. This also benefits hairdressing salons, who make part of their premises available to other professionals. This turns their unoccupied space profitable. The host salon can update its availability instantly, which allows clients to make last-minute bookings. Available in numerous cities in France, seats are available from just €5 per hour.

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Spacefy: a rental marketplace dedicated to finding spaces for projects, productions, and events

Spacefy is a marketplace network that provides creative professionals with rental spaces for their projects, productions, or events. Offering the largest network of commercial spaces available in North America and Europe, this marketplace facilitates the discovery of unique spaces for the entire creative industry. Spacefy also presents a powerful search engine that enables you to find the right space, at the right location, for the right price.

Spacefy is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange and boasts over 10,000 exclusive spaces for rent.

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Connecting Freelance: the B2B service marketplace for SAP consultants

Connecting Freelance is a B2B service marketplace that specializes in connecting SAP engineers with companies looking for this type of expertise. This marketplace allows companies to publish their specific SAP sourcing needs. SAP consultants can then find and contact the companies needing their expertise. Additionally, companies can search for experts and offer them assignments. This approach allows both parties to be proactive in their efforts.

Connecting Freelance thus facilitates the commercial work of SAP consultants, while ensuring maximum availability of these resources for companies looking for expertise.

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Labtoo: the B2B marketplace dedicated to biotech R&D

Labtoo is the pinnacle of scientific collaboration, allowing researchers to propose and order experiments from their colleagues. This platform allows labs to capitalize on the knowledge and materials of other laboratories to carry out experiments for which they would not previously have the equipment or know-how. At the same time, a laboratory can also offer to carry out experiments for others to generate revenue or credit that they can use towards experiments of their own from other third parties.

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