Simplify B2B purchases

In 2022, Gartner estimates that 75% of B2B purchases will take place on a marketplace.

  • Adapted to key accounts

    We accompany you during the whole life cycle of your project. Transactional platforms or not. Solution proven by Thales, Allianz and EDF.

  • Code Marketplace

    Agile deployment

    Cocolabs uses the agile methodology and ensures a fast deployment of your marketplace.

  • Compare switch marketplace


    We build bespoke platform to fit your business requirements.

An expertises in B2B marketplaces

  • Dedicated to services

    • Digitize a services catalog
    • Launch a service online
    • Revolutionize your e-procurement
  • Full accompaniment

    • Conception
    • Integration
    • Operation
  • Client success

    • Formation
    • Vendors acquisition
    • Evolution and growth



Generate qualified prospects for Thales and its partner ecosystem. 


Cocolabs solution: 

The Thales TrustNest Marketplace allows users to discover, test and buy digital services and products from Thales and its partners. It showcases the innovation and digital transformation of the Thales Group, offering visibility to internal projects and those of incubated start-ups, in order to conquer major public and private players.

  • MVP in 3 months
  • Evolved dashboards
  • 40 start ups advertisers
  • Generation and leads following
Thales Digital Marketplace


The Second technology, a robust solution. 

  • Solution used by Thales, Allianz and EDF
  • Proven more than 2,000 times
  • 1,700 features dedicated to the services selling

Features dedicated to B2B platforms

  • Payment

    Payment can be made outside the platform but also through it

  • Quotes

    Possibility to build an offer oriented platform or demand oriented

  • Billing

    Manage the accounting directly on the platform

  • B2B pricing

    Define specific pricing for users

Launch your marketplace with confidence

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