Helping the service industry achieve the full potential of ecommerce platforms & e-services

Cocolabs helps companies launch their (service) marketplace

  • The future of e-commerce platforms is services

    3 out of 4 margin points are made through services, yet only 10% of online transactions concern services

    Maintaining double digit growth in e-commerce is getting harder, services are the next relay of growth

    The B2B space hasn't digitized its sales processes, representing a huge opportunity which is ripe for the picking

  • Marketplaces help scale the sale of services

    Marketplaces leverage on-site ressources to scale services rapidly & globally

    Marketplaces provide customers with an unprecedented wealth of choice when selecting their services and service providers

    Marketplaces offer service providers with a structured access to untapped markets

  • Standardized and open technical stacks are the future

    Open source brings entire communities of skilled developers to your doorstep

    Open source provides you with independence and vendor lock-in

    Software interoperability has become a key requirement. Open source ensures this.

Our history

  • Team size doubles
  • Cocorico’s UI and UX are redesigned
  • Cocolabs splits its development teams into a Core Team and a Custom Team
  • Cocorico shifts its core feature set to B2B requirements
  • Cocolabs wins contracts with the US and French administrations
2019 Year 4
  • Erik joins the three founders of Cocolabs as partner. He brings his first hand expertise in launching and driving a marketplace.
  • Cocolabs raises funds with Takara Capital
  • Smile becomes a Cocorico reseller
  • Cocolabs signs its first customers in the US and Australia
  • Revenue doubles year-on-year for the second year in a row
2018 Year 3
  • Cocorico’s native feature set expands from rentals to services
  • Cocorico incorporates internationalization features
  • Open-source usage booms, making Cocorico the most-used solution for service marketplaces
  • Cocolabs builds custom platforms for customers in Ireland, Holland and Spain
2017 Year 2
  • Cocolabs is incorporated and the first lines of code of Cocorico are written
  • Cocorico is created and open sourced right away on GitHub
  • First platforms are delivered to early adopters
2016 Year 1
  • Erik partners with Anthoni to launch a high-end home hairdressing service marketplace
  • Anthoni and Arnaud associate with Clement to start what will later become Cocolabs

Clément chooses Anthoni and Arnaud to build a tutoring service marketplace for his venture


Anthoni and Arnaud build MisterBnB which will become a worldwide success


Anthoni and Arnaud build their first service marketplace for construction machine rentals


Founding Partners

Anthoni Noyon


Directly involved in 100+ service marketplace launches

Arnaud Benatsou


Creator of Cocorcio and shepherd of the development community

Clément Schereck


Yields the resources for exponential growth

Erik Desloges

VP Sales & Partnerships

Helping clients and partners to launch marketplaces

The Team

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